Want to learn to tap into the musical gifts inside of you?

Sing, dance and be free
Josh, you have the greatest sensibility to music. Open to others the same.
— Silvia Nakkach, author of free your voice, internationally recognized music therapist

Joshua Greenfield is a vibrational healer, professional musician, and teacher of mindful cooking and is on a mission to teach the world how to tap into their own ability to heal themselves through music. He is deeply passionate about helping people feel connected to their inner spirit and internal power through music, food and dance. He has studied vibrational healing with the likes of Tony Nec and Silvia Nakkach, both masters of sound, and has trained in the art of facilitating sound baths, vibrational healing, primal vocal tuning and martial arts dance movement.

Joshua is well versed in a variety of instruments from around the world including singing bowls, hang drums, percussion, djembe, shruti box, guitar, piano,  tuning forks, bamboo flute, and a number of others. His passion is to help people overcome fear, anxiety and depression by tapping into their body, breath and voice to explore sound and rhythm in a way that allows them to break through limiting beliefs and heal themselves from the inside out. Joshua has also created one of the biggest online platforms for teaching mindful cooking and eating and has amassed over 1.3 million Youtube followers. Having lived in Brooklyn the last ten years, he recently moved to Denver to continue to teach and expand his capacity for the healing arts.

If you would like to work with Joshua, he offers both in person and online sessions. Please see below for more details. 


  • One on One Sessions

    • Perfect for anyone who wants to learn to sing and speak with clarity, confidence, control, and power. Whether you want to get in tune with your voice, or would love to learn guitar, percussion, bass, or even ukulele, Joshua will tailer the lessons to fit your specific needs. ($250 for 1.5 hours)

  • Group Sessions and Workshops

    • Joshua offers personalized workshops in his Vocal Release practice to help groups get in tune with their instinctive vibration and learn how to harmonize, sing and dance as one solid unit. Especially great for team building! (Inquire for pricing)

  • One on One Coaching and Mentorship

    • Commit to yourself by signing up for one of my 6 month mentorship programs where we deep dive into what is going on in your world and help you get clear on what you want to create and change in your life. You’ll have my support and gain the confidence and tools to follow your dreams and live your best life. (Starting at $399 a month).


While I have prices listed I work on a sliding scale for personal lessons as well as sound healing sessions. For as much as I know an energy exchange is important to solidify any practice, this is a true love and passion of mine that I want to share with others, so please, if you are interested in any of the above, email me with your hopes and let's make something work that feels equal and fair. www.youenjoylifemusic@gmail.com

Joshua Greenfield has been a professional music practitioner, performer,  and sound sorcerer for over 15 years. He created a technique called MAD, which stands for Martial Arts Dance and has developed a unique and simple approach to help YOU unveil your musical gifts, regardless of age, musical abilities or ability to believe in yourself. 

 Joshua was formerly in a band called Canon Logic, before starting YOU, for ten years while living in Brooklyn, playing guitar, writing songs, singing, learning any instrument that crossed his path and expanding upon his understanding of music. Over the last ten years, while still in Canon Logic, he began exploring a new path, studying vibrational and sound healing, and the powers that music poses. Josh successfully went from being a terrible, weak, and shy singer, tone deaf even, to finding out how to tap into his full voices power and being able to sing with complete and total confidence, write songs on the spot, completely free himself of writers block, and has been teaching others how to do the same things ever since. 

He believes that by tapping into your own innate ability to play and connect to music that you can not only cure yourself from self doubt and judgement but create deeper bonds with the people you care about the most in the world as well as feel a connection to all of humanity through a simple, but an all powerful vibration.

Joshua teaches private lessons in the Denver and Boulder Colorado area as well as worldwide through video chat. He also offers personal and group sound healing sessions, and facilitates musical improvisational experiences to help you embody the power you have within yourself through a series of fun and interactive music tools for both beginner and pro. Whether you simply want to harness your internal musical gifts, want to experience the profound powers that sound and vibration can shift in your life, or are a serious musician or life artist wanting to take the next steps in your career and learn from someone who has successfully created his own brand, on his own terms, and amassed over one million followers on youtube (Brothers Green Eats) and played with world class musicians all over the world, Joshua is here to help you. 


Wow! I still feel the positive, subtle & euphoric effects of our sound session. Josh has a way of making you feel at ease right away in his well appointed space. He used a number of instruments that he collected from his world travels that were each specifically designed to attune my energy to specific harmonic resonances. As a musician he also allows for some time for you to also sing with him as if you were old friends around a fire. The session was a little over an hour but I must admit time seemed to stop. I would recommend his gentle spirit to anyone who is seeking a playful yet relaxing sound experience
— -Eileen, avid sound practitioner
Josh’s sound healing was a magical experience, relaxing and calming to my nervous system. Our session lulled me into a deep sleep which had a profound physiological effect on my mind, body and spirit.

He is a healer who deeply cares about others, and he is committed to helping others attain a deep sense of well-being and harmony. He adds his own beautiful musical improvisation which makes for a unique sound healing experience.
— Sarena S
Josh is pure heart. He doesn’t just listen with his ears, he feels with his body. His nature is empathic and his intentions are grounded in love. These gifts make him a special musician and the rare collaborator who is willing to give himself to a project, wherever it is within the process. Most importantly he has the patience and vision to see the tree from the seed. I’m immensely grateful for him as a longtime friend and ally.
— Jarrett Wetherell, songwriter, record producer, and artist