"Listen to the Feedback in your life and giveback to yourself so that you can give to others"

I am a firm believer that it doesn't take much more than the basics of life to truly feel fulfilled. Being surrounded by good food, good music and good people and creating authentic connections to all three are the benchmarks of my life. When we have our most basic and core needs met, we don't need much else and excessive spending, searching and longing seem to fade away. 

There is an eternal dance going on between food and music and I have always used both to balance my own inner peace out. If you look back to the beginnings of music, way before it became a commercialized business, you'll find that most cultures have some sort of deep rooted ceremony in both food, music and dance that is used for a deeper sense of connection to the whole. 

While my site mostly focuses on music, for the last six years I have been making cooking videos to teach people the ways of improvisational cooking to inspire those in need to get over their fears and get into the kitchen. For when you find that connection to cooking your own food your life can change in a huge way. My channel, that I run with my brother, has gained over 1 million subscribers and nearly 90 million views from the hundreds of videos we have put out in the unconventional cooking space. You can check out some of my intuitive cooking videos below. 

Over the years we have had the pleasure of cooking for some of the biggest stars in the world including Ed Sheeran, Enrique Iglesias, Nick and Joe Jonas, Keisza, David Hasselhoff, Superwoman, Steve Aoki and Clean Bandit and if there is one thing that I see to be a common thread its that musicians love to eat. 

Eating is such a primal thing that we do, but often we aren't even aware of why or how we are eating. As much as we obsess about clean eating these days, often times we overlook the actual process of eating. Along with my goal to spread music to the world, one of the things that I am most passionate about is helping others uncover their own eating issues so they can feel free and use food as tool for healing. My wife and I created an online eating course to help people break bad eating habits and use food to heal. If you would like to check that out please feel free to click HERE.